Indoor air quality & building occupant health

Identify the pollution sources responsible for occupants complaints, and propose solutions

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Mould & dampness in buildings

Determine the source of dampness in buildings. Investigate and solve related mould problems.

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Thermal comfort & ventilation

Identify & solve problems related to thermal conditions and ventilation in buildings.

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Latest articles on air quality

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Gaz stove and indoor air quality

People use a variety of heat sources to cook food, including gas, wood, and electricity. Each of these heat sources can create indoor air pollution during cooking. Natural gas and propane stoves can emit nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde in addition to the particle pollution that all types of stoves produce as well as other …

Cleaning products and indoor air quality

The cleaning of buildings and their contents is a major human activity that aims to promote hygiene, aesthetics, and material preservation. Although there are numerous advantages, it can also engender risks for the health of the workers and the occupants. In a study carried out by researchers from the University of California at Berkeley and …