We offer indoor air quality testing in the Montréal & Ottawa area for residential, institutional & commercial needs.

Did you know? Indoor air quality problems are rarely related to the presence of one contaminant at high concentration.

Most of the time, they are caused by the effects of several contaminants at low concentration, combined with other environmental factors.

What we can do for you:

  • Identify and test sources and causes of indoor air quality problems.
  • Measure and/or sample various indoor pollutants: VOC, CO, formaldehyde, dust and fibres, lead, etc.
  • Measure comfort parameters including relative humidity, temperature, air velocity, etc.
  • Evaluate and resolve mould and moisture problems.
  • Elaborate and apply appropriate solutions to improve indoor air quality.
  • Follow-up and evaluate the air quality after the application of corrective measures.
  • Perform indoor air quality test according to LEED® requirements.

Benefit from our unique expertise:

The investigation and sampling are performed by a specialist in the field. The analyses of the samples are performed by an accredited laboratory. At the end of the investigation, our clients will receive a comprehensive report that includes the analysis of the obtained results and the recommendations to improve their indoor air quality.

To only carry out air sampling is not enough by itself to identify the cause of the problem and it is crucial to have an investigation strategy in order to manage problems related to indoor air quality.

Through our experienced and qualified personnel, SQAI is able to offer a wide range of services to the Montréal and Ottawa areas to investigation, evaluation and management of indoor air quality.

We offer a unique expertise in the field of indoor environment and air quality that allows us to provide building owners, building managers, and building operators, practical solutions that depend on the specifics of each building.

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