Hospitals have to take special care to the problems of indoor air quality

The majority of the exposed people such as patients, elderly, infants, people undergoing cancer treatment and those who have a weak immune system, are more vulnerable to the effects of bad air quality.

Moreover, the workers in these establishments, just as the visitors, run a higher risk to catch a nosocomial infection. A bad indoor air quality can also have a direct impact on the comfort and productivity of the employees.

Whether your need is to respond to occupants’ complaints on the quality of indoor environment or to investigate the source of unspecified contaminant or simply to verify the quality of the air in your hospital, SQAI can offer you a personalised service that takes into account the phase of the building life cycle , its ventilation systems, its customers and the different activities being held, as well as the allocated budget. Thus you can be sure of the optimal operation of your hospital and the comfort of all the occupants.

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